2019-2020 PTO Officers:
  • Haley Townsend - President, Splash Dash
  • Erin Kightlinger - Vice President, Hospitality, Splash Dash
  • Bess Osucha - Communications, Catholic School's Week
  • Stacey Didyoung - Room Parent Coordinator
  • Adrienne Remmert - Dinner with Father Christmas
  • Lucy Strozier - Catholic School's Week
  • Susan Schepens - Grandparent's Club
October 10th: VIP Breakfast
October 31st: Class Halloween Parties
November 4th: PTO Meeting at 7:30 in the High School Gym
December 14th: Dinner with Father Christmas
December 19th: Class Christmas Parties
February 1st: Gala
February 14th: Class Valentine Parties
April 17th: Splash Dash
April 23rd: VIP Breakfast

The objectives of the PTO are:
  1. To promote open communication among the parents, teachers and administration
  2. To promote good will and cooperation between and among parents, faculty, administration, School Advisory Board and the parishes of Holy Spirit and St. Francis of Assisi.
  3. To direct and coordinate parental support to Holy Spirit School through assistance activities, social functions and fundraisers.