All State Choir

First you need to let Mrs. McClendon know you want to audition.  Email her at
  • RESULTS DELIVERED: Before December 1
FESTIVAL: TBA (If you are selected.  Students who made all state the previous year are not guaranteed to make it the current year.)

Approximate cost for the festival -  $30 to purchase an accompaniment CD of the music, and to cover the cost for registration.

If you MAKE the choir - you will owe a flat fee of $175 which covers your hotel, lunches, and school registration fees.
Call them and tell them you need Alabama Vocal Association All-State Choir music for either HS SATB (seniors), HS SSA (9-11th grades),  HS TTBB (9-11 grade), Middle School Mixed (8th Grade), or Middle School Treble (7th grade).
What is the Alabama All-State Chorus?

The Alabama All-State Chorus is a very prestigious, auditioned group. If you audition and make the chorus this means you are one of the top choral singers in the state of Alabama. Students will audition for a spot in one of the groups. If chosen, the students will spend a weekend at Samford University in Birmingham to work with a guest conductor and sing in concert. Students will receive a certificate and can order DVDs/CDs from the concert. If you are thinking of pursuing a music career this will look great on your college application!

When/Where are auditions and how do auditions work?

The audition date is either November 5th or 6th. These auditions will take place during school at Northport Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa. More than likely I will be asking parents to help chaperone and transport students to auditions.
Students will audition in groups and by themselves. All students are responsible for learning the amount of music required for their particular audition group. This can be anywhere from 6 to 8 songs. Students must know each of their songs by the audition date. Students will be observed by one judge in the audition room.
If a student makes the All-State Choir he/she is responsible for continuing to work on the music. April 3-5th students will go with me to Samford University in Birmingham for the All-State Concert. Students will spend Thursday and Friday in rehearsals. Friday night will be the middle school concerts, and Saturday night will be the high school concerts.

Do students have to learn the music on their own?

Yes. The majority of time spent learning the music will be up to the students since this is not a required activity to audition for All State. There will be practice CDs available to help with their parts. Closer to auditions we will meet in the mornings to practice with others. 

For which group should my child audition?

There are 5 different groups to try out for, but depending on what grade you are in you may be limited.
  • 7th grade girls- Can ONLY audition for the Middle School Treble Choir
  • 7th grade boys- Boys will audition for the Middle School Mixed Choir
  • 8th grade girls- May audition for the Middle School Treble or Middle School Mixed Choir
  • 8th grade boys- May audition for any voice part in the Mixed Choir
  • 9th grade girls- May audition for High School SSA
  • 9th grade boys- May audition for High School TTBB
  • 10th – 12th grade girls – May audition for SSA or SATB choirs
  • 10th – 12th grade boys – May audition for TTBB or SATB choir
How much will the audition cost?

Since this is an optional event, Holy Spirit cannot pay for each student to audition. The audition fee, music, and CD will cost $30 total . However it may change depending on the amount of students auditioning. I will let you know ASAP. Students will also be responsible for buying their own music to audition. They will get to keep their music.

When I get your letter of intent to audition, you will send a check for $30 made out to Holy Spirit School and I will buy your music and get you your CD.

What happens next?

If your student makes the choir there is another registration fee. Also, students will need to bring their own money for food and pay for a hotel room if they go to Birmingham. Last year the registration fee and hotel fee for all students was $175. This can be paid in installments if necessary. The due date for all money is February 28th.

What if I say yes now, but then change my mind before the auditions?

It is ok to change your mind. Although, once you have paid I can not refund your money for the registration fee or the music packet. If you make the all-state choir and decide not to go, you may not audition for the choir the next year. You must wait 2 years to audition again. This is stated in the Alabama Vocal Association bylaws.

Information about the Music Selections and the Guest Clinicians will be posted as soon as it becomes available to me.