Mrs. Lisa Corona
Bachelor's Degree, Auburn University
Master's Degree, University of Alabama at Birmingham 


39 years - all in the Diocese of Birmingham
Teacher - 6 years
Principal - 33 years

About Me
It has been my privilege to spend all of my educational career in the Diocese of Birmingham and especially at Holy Spirit these past eleven years. Throughout the past 39 years, I have had the pleasure of working with excellent and dedicated faculty and staff members, devoted and supportive parents, and wonderful children, who I lovingly refer to as "my babies". I believe that we have the unique opportunity in Catholic schools to teach as Jesus did - with love and compassion - as we work together to build up the kingdom of God. As I continue my ministry here at Holy Spirit, I thank God for leading me here to share the spirit of this special community.

My husband, Sam, is Director of Transportation for US Foods, Inc. in Birmingham. My daughter, Samantha, is the Director of Media Relations for Honda, Inc. in Lincoln, Alabama. My son, Luke, is a Ninth Grade History Teacher at Smiths Station Freshman Center in Lee County, AL.